Saturday, October 28, 2006

Chasing Butterflies

Sulphurs are flying about today in the sunshine. An Eastern Comma was sunning on my car.
Sulphurs in the miniature snap dragons.
The sedium has begun to turn.
An Indian Summer day!


Sprite said...


Your Sulphur with the sun shinging through it's wings makes me teary eyed. I love the slightly yellow one on the pink too. Oh, it feels like glimpsing Heaven.

Love, Light, and Butterflies,


Q said...

Hi Honey!
Oh yes, I do think Heaven is right here on Earth when the butterflies are about!
I have been lucky to have seen so many different varieties this year.
I am trying to wean myself off of them. I have a nice photo library of butterflies and I bet before the winter is very old I will need to have them about again! I find if I spend a few minutes watching butterflies I am relaxed and joyful.
Always butterflies,