Thursday, October 05, 2006

Butterfly Lessons

Yesterday the air was cool. I made a pot of soup for our supper. First soup of the season. I set an October table.

We enjoy soup suppers. This was a dried vegetable soup mix. I added red onions and red garden peppers. After supper it was too windy to light the outside candles so I did four inside, celebrating the first four days of October. My husband took a living room and dining room tour. He liked the framed butterfly photos I had done during the day. He thought we needed a Buckeye. I explained I was only framing butterflies I had in the gardens in October. Maybe one would come in. So far I had not seen the Buckeye. I have two more frames.

I light lots of candles every day. I send my blessings to my children and to my Husband. I send blessings to those that ask to be remembered. Two of my friends are going through life changing times. I wanted to do a friend candle for my desk. I was very pleased when I found a copper and brass swan candle holder today while thrift store shopping. I knew I had the amber glass inserts at home.
The sun is out today and I saw sulphers and skippers in the zinnias. I heard the call of the Yellow Shafted Flicker and saw him fly into my neighbor's apple tree. I was outside without the camera. I had gone out to get some flowers for the orange swan planter. Since I missed the Flicker I went back in for the camera. I was not sure what joys I would see. As I strolled about the yard thinking about what flowers would be best, in flew a Monarch and a Buckeye.

I was so happy. Both of the butterflies were in the marigolds by the driveway.
Buckeye flew over to the cosmos. My husband has been enjoying those flowers all season. I took many photos. He can choose, Buckeye on Marigold or Buckeye on Cosmos? As soon as the Buckeye flew I went looking for the Monarch. She was not to be found. I forgot to get my flowers.

I did twenty-five flower arrangements yesterday, mostly mums. I already had a mum arrangement on my desk. There are roses and all sorts of snapdragons I could cut. The zinnias are still in bloom. I was thinking.

I went back outside to find the perfect flower for my swan. Monarch flew back in. She flew over to the marigolds that edge the squash. She was right. Marigolds were the perfect flower. They are my friends. They are dependable. I have sowed and saved the seed for over thirty years. For my dear friends I send the light of love and the joy Marigold has given me all these years.

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Q said...

Hi Sprite!
It is so fun for me when you come by.

Yummm Butternut squash soup!
I shall put that on my soup menue list.
Sounds soooo good.

I do light many candles! I have some that burn all the time I am home. Also part of my morning ritual. We are so very similiar. I love that!

I did a meditation on beauty a few years ago. Every day I sang a melody I made up about beauty.

"Beauty above me
Beauty below me.
Beauty beside me
Beauty inside me.
I see beauty every where.
In beauty do I walk
In beauty do I talk.
I see beauty every where.
Thank you."

After a month of singing the Beauty song I was aware of all the beauty in the universe.

I am learning I am also beauty.
It is when you reflect it back to me I know it must be true.
Thank you for seeing me.
You are beautiful too.