Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Elusive Mum

Oh Mum! My mumming for 2006 is complete. I needed some cider and some orange marmalade so I went up to the local grocery store. There in the florist department was the mum I have been searching for, yellow mum with brown center. The flowers feel like velvet. It is not hardy in my zone so I will try to keep it alive inside over winter. I have been very careful on what I am bringing in and I think I have a spot it can live. Maybe I could do some propagating and plant a few outdoors in the Red Bud bed come spring, for next year's blooming! Perhaps a butterfly would enjoy coming in so I could have my flower and bug. I would not mind butterflies in the house.

I am very pleased. I am smittened.

It should stay in bloom for a few weeks inside. It's pretty little basket will work fine through Thanksgiving. For October it can live on the kitchen table with Wee Bird the Witch candle holder. She is my little character I did a couple of years ago. She also shows up on Halloween cards with her friend Wee Jack O'Lantern.

Having Katydids about is wonderful too. I always called them Leaf Hoppers, my husband calls them Katydids. He is right.
I also picked up more black and orange frames. I can print and frame butterflies and Miss Mum!


Anonymous said...

I think these are fake flowers!

Q said...

Hi Mutleythedog,
I assure you they are very alive! They do look perfect. The grocery store also had cut branches for fresh water arrangements. I had dreamed about these mums! Started looking for them in September.
Dreams do come true.