Monday, October 02, 2006

Garden Tour

We were only able to do half of our Garden Tour. We were waylaid by pine cones, acorns and Mocking bird. The wind today had blown pinecones into the yard and acorns on the drive. We stopped to clean them up. Mocking bird was wondering what we were doing! My husband saw a Cloudless Sulpher laying in the yard. We put her in the glass box with the Orange Sulpher that I found last week.
The Garden Tour ended when the Spicebush Swallowtail flew in. New to our gardens. I stopped to take a few photos.
I was able to take some garden notes. We have a tree to move and some bushes to trim. Next year more zinnias in the front peonies would be nice. It appears that four of the Heathers have died. I will need to order more. Tomorrow night we shall tour the back yard.
At dusk we turned on the outside lights. I lit the Owl lantern and another small lantern. I like the lanterns very much. Could use a few more of them.
Somewhat spooky!

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