Monday, October 02, 2006

This Porridge is Too Hot!

It is too hot. I filled all the bird baths and continue to water. It is too hot and too dry. The wind is brisk from the south, it is eighty-eight degrees and rising. Mother Nature is teaching me how orange and pink go so well together. It is all in the right shade and right motif!
Such a sweet Monarch! She went to the bright orange mums! This could be the photo I print and frame.
With the heat wave all the mums are at peak bloom. We will garden tour after my husband comes home from work. I will carry a notebook. We will discuss what worked this past growing season and what did not. We will talk about what we can do next year to increase our yields, how to protect our little seedlings from being eaten before they have a chance to come to full fruit.
I shall ask the North wind to please come forth. It is too hot.

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