Friday, October 13, 2006

Thirteen Candles

Owl welcomes our visitors at the driveway.
Different heads line the front walk. Skull lights the sidewalk by the front porch.

Castle lights the entrance to the back walk.
Lanterns show the way to the deck.
Thirteen candles outside. Thirteen candles inside.

Happy Friday the thirteenth.


Anonymous said...

The photos on your site are so beautiful - just like your spirit! I love looking at what you're creating.

Q said...

Hi Sandi,
So glad you came by. The October house is my favorite! I will miss the butterflies and already my heart longs to see Miss Hummingbird.
Winter is hard for me. This year I had hoped to have gardening with my Cole crops but all sorts of four legged creatures ate the seedlings. My window to get things started is long past.
I guess my indoor plants will keep my spirit full of light. Come January I will begin my Winter Sowing so I will have dirt to play in. The winter birds delight me too.
Seems as if I am always in the act of creating. Every month holds it's own special treats.
As the cold comes I will bundle up and go outside. I have photos to take and Mother Nature to enjoy. It shall be a new adventure for me. I usually hibernate.